12.Kim, Chun-Soo appointed as Co-CEO
03.Yoon, Jay Yon appointed as CEO.
05.Operation began
03.Approval granted for expiration of the license period before completion
12.Tourist site designation and creation plan (revised) agreed upon and submitted (Inje-gun to Gangwon-do Office)
07.Approval granted for the license period before completion; designates the operator
07.Approval granted for FIA Grade 2
05.Completion ceremony and opening event for Inje Auto Theme Park
04.Changes to athe completion schedule as a result of changes in the FIA Grade 2 approval (inspection) schedule (Apr. 30 to May 31, 2013)
04.Due diligence to get official certification from Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)
02.Construction of Inje Auto Theme Park began
12.Approval/notification of the execution plan
10.Approval/notification of the sports facility project (revised) (Inje-gun)
10.Completion of land take-over (before registration)
08.Request for approval of the tourist site designation and creation plan (requested by Inje-gun)
06.Inje Autopia Co., Ltd. established
05.Completion of appraisals of the land and infrastructure
03.Entered into a compensation service agreement (Inje-gun and Korea Appraisal Board)
12Entered into a MOU on collaboration and an implementation agreement (Gangwon-do, Inje-gun, and priority negotiator)
08Taeyoung E&C Co., Ltd. confirmed as a construction investor
08Priority negotiator designated (temporarily named ‘Inje Auto Theme Park Co., Ltd.)
05Third-party notification (90 days)
02Received and passed a private-sector eligibility assessment by KDI Public Investment Management Center (legal, economic and policy aspects)
12Confirmed as a new tourist attraction to be included in the 4th Gangwon District Tourism Development Plan (requested by Inje-gun)
06Completed agreement over preliminary environmental assessment; submits the project proposal
10The initial project proposal submitted